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Правозащитный центр в зеркале СМИ

— 24 июля 2014 г. —

On the Forced Inclusion of the Human Rights Centre Memorial in the List of NGOs acting as "foreign agents"

Statement by the International Society Memorial

July 21, 2014 the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered five more human rights public associations in the "list of non-commercial organizations acting as foreign agents." The Human Rights Center Memorial, being the basic organization of the Memorial association in the field of human rights protection, was among them.

We are convinced that these organizations, as well as all those which were registered against their will previously, act solely in the interests of Russia, since they do effectively help to protect the rights of citizens from state officials' attacks.

Their forced inclusion in "foreign agents" list constitutes an attempt to prevent this activity.

Instead of fighting against the violations of the citizens' rights, the state is at war with those who bring these violations to light.

Such a practice (including the use of term "foreign agent") was already tried during the Soviet times and did not have good results.

Current "foreign agents" rules, passed in an emergency procedure, are not aimed at solving real problems which our country faces, but only at weakening the civil society in Russia.

We can only reiterate what we have been saying in last two years, from the moment of the drafting of the "foreign agents" law - this law disgraces Russia, it is not subject to any improvements or alterations, it must be canceled.

The Board of the International Memorial

Thanks to Eugenia Korobenkova for the translation.













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