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— 12 марта 2015 г. —

The Moscow court: “Memorial” HRC was legally included in the registry of foreign agents

Moscow's Tverskoy district court has rejected the lawsuit brought by the “Memorial” Human Rights Centre against the Russian Justice Ministry. The decision, taken by Judge Denis Ivanov on Wednesday, March 11, says that the inclusion of “Memorial” HRC in the registry of NGOs acting in a capacity of a foreign agent does not violate any laws. The prosecutor's office participated in the trial as a third party.

“'Memorial' HRC has repeatedly said that the Ministry of Justice acted illegally when putting the Human Rights Centre on the list of 'foreign agents,'” says 'Memorial's senior lawyer Kirill Koroteyev. “The Justice Ministry's decision to register Memorial HRC as a 'foreign agent' was based on the information supplied by the Prosecutor's Office. However, the Justice Ministry, for some reason, has failed to take into account the results of its own 'check'(investigation) that had not found any indications of 'Memorial' acting as a 'foreign agent.' Moreover, the Russian Constitutional Court has deemed illegal  the 'check' conducted by the Prosecutor's Office and ruled the 'Memorial'case to be  reviewed. But the Judge did not take that decision into account in his yesterday's ruling.

“By putting 'Memorial' on the list of 'foreign agents' the Justice Ministry has violated the European Human Rights Convention that provides for  the liberty of meetings and associations and outlaws discrimination,” Mr. Koroteyev says. “Now that we are on the 'foreign agents' list the checks by Russian officials can happen more often in comparison to other NGOs or to what has been the usual practice before. Also, the law says that each publication issued by the 'Memorial' HRC should bear the sign 'NGO acting in a capacity of a foreign agent.' Certainly these provisions put obstacles to our work. We will now proceed to appeal against the district court's decision to the Moscow City Court.”

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