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— 23 октября 2015 г. —

23 октября: лекция Эрнста ван Альфена

В пятницу, 23 октября 2015 года, в Международном Мемориале (Каретный ряд, 5/10) выступит профессор кафедры литературы Лейденского университета Эрнст ван Альфен

Лекция «Наследие сталинизма и ГУЛАГа: проявления травмы и постпамять».

Начало в 19.00.

При поддержке Посольства Королевства Нидерландов.

In discussions of second- and third-generation Holocaust literature and testimony, it is an accepted idea that the trauma of Holocaust survivors is transmitted from the first to the second and later generations. In discussions about the legacies of Stalinist terror and the Gulag, the idea of transmission of trauma is absent or is explicitly negated (Etkind, Warped Mourning). Although in the case of Stalinism and the Gulag the trauma it caused manifests itself differently than in case of the Holocaust, this does not mean that the Gulag has not been traumatising. In my talk I will analyse, first, the differences between the Holocaust and the Gulag; second, how these differences translate into different symptoms of trauma; third, how these differences result in a different dynamic between a first generation of survivors and generations after them.

/Ernst van Alphen/

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