In December 2004 A. Maskhadov's eight relatives have been abducted in the Chechen Republic


In December the society "Memorial" informed on the abduction of the relatives of the president of
the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) A. Maskhadov (sisters and two brothers).

To our information (see our web site: as now was found out, it was wrongly made public that one
sister of A. Maskhadov has been released within one day. The information about the release of the
sister of Maskadov could not be confirmed after further research. Recently employees of the Human
Rights Center "Memorial" have interrogated a number of witnesses of the abductions which have
occurred in December. From the words of the witnesses, below are stated the circumstances of the
abductions of eight relatives of A. Maskhadov.

1) On December 3rd 2004 at about 9 pm a sister of A. Maskhadov, Buchu Alievna Abdulkadirova (Бучу
Алиевна Абдулкадырова), born in 1937, was driven away from her own house by employees of the local
power structures, which are under control of R. Kadyrov (the so-called "kadyrovs"). Her house is
located at the address: City of Grozny, district Staropromyslovsky, at the Red Turbine, Turbine
street, 62 (г. Грозный, Старопромысловский район, пос. Красная Турбина, ул. Турбинная, 62).

During her stay in the house she was alone. Her neighbours saw, how she was taken out of the house
and being put in one of the cars standing close to it. Then the group, consisting of 9 vehicles of
the brands UAZ and Zhiguli left the place of incident. During their departure from the settlement
the group of cars got stopped at a block post by members of the battalion "West" of special troops
of the Main Intelligence Division (ГРУ) of Joint Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian
Federation (МО РФ) headed by Said-Magomeda Kakiev (Саид-Магомеда Какиевa), deployed on the
territory of the factory "Transmasch" near to the place of abduction. According to eyewitnesses a
wrangle evolved between employees of different power structures, which developed into a hand-fight.

The members of the Main Intelligence Division told the "Kadyrovs", that it is not allowed to take
away people from the territory under their control. The "Kadyrovs" shouted that they were sent by
Ramzan Kadyrov and they do not take away somebody, but the sister of Maskhadov. Later the
information of the daughter taken away being Buchu Alievna Abdulkadirova was confirmed by the
assistant of the commander of the battalion "West" - Pjatimat (Пятимат).

He also said that that he called Ramzan Kadyrov and got himself convinced that the special action
is carried out under his order and that they were compelled to let a group of cars pass.

However, as he said, during the check of the cars by his subordinates the woman has not been
found. At the same time he expressed his opinion that she could have been taken away on another

2) The same evening at 8.15 pm the "Kadyrovs" abducted a brother of A. Maskhadov, Lecha Alievich
Maskhadov (Леча Алиевич Масхадов), born in 1936, living at the address: City of Grozny, district
Staropromyslovsky, Podgorni, Mostovaja street b/h. The abductors arrived with up to 12 cars of the
brands UAZ and Zhiguli. According to his wife, Kasada Maskhadov (Касадa Масхадовa), they rushed in
by force without any explanation and demanded to give out to them their son Solman. The answer of
the owners of the house that he was not at home did not satisfy them. The Kadyrovs hoping to find
him searched all rooms and the yard. Not finding him some of the aggressors threatened to burn down
the house, if nobody was going to tell them where he was hiding. After intervention of female
neighbors the "Kadyrovs" left, taking away with them L. Maskhadov.

3) During the same time Adam Abdul-Karimovich Rachiev (Адам Абдул-Каримович Рашиев), born in 1950,
an invalid and distant relative of Maskhadov got abducted. He has been detained in the house
located at the address: City of Grozny, district Staropromyslovsky, Podgorni, Sovxoynaja street,
house 26.

According to the relatives of the abducted, his detention was implemented by "Kadyrovs", who
arrived with up to 11 cars made by UAZ and Niva (Нива). On the request of family members to tell
them where Adam was taken to the "Kadyrovs" told them that they will deliver him to the Ministry of
Inner Affairs October area. However, after having checked the given information the relatives were
convinced, that this was not true. During the abduction the "Kadyrovs" behaved very roughly.

4) Approximately at 8pm the same day, "Kadyrovs" abducted Lem Alievich Maskhadov, 55 years old and
a brother of A. Maskhadov. He was taken out of his house located at the address: Pervomaiskaja
side, Soviet street 125. Before this, non-authorized search has been carried out in his house.
Leaving the house Lem was even not allowed to get dressed. His wife, Liza, in an attempt to prevent
his withdrawal was taken down to the floor.

5) At the same time "Kadyrovs" abducted Ivan Vahaevich Magomedov, the 35 year old nephew of A.
Maskhadov (the son of one of Maskhadov's sisters). He was taken from his house at the address:
Grozny area, Pervomaiskaja side, Soviet street 87.
In the course of his withdrawal the abductors did not hide the accessory and symbols of the local
power structures and that they operated under the order of Ramzan Kadyrov.
Ihvan asked them not to touch his sister and wife. The commander of the "Kadyrovs" took the
decision to leave them, which was not pleasant for some of the men in the group.

6-8) On December 28th 2004 the niece and two sons-in-law of A. Maskhadov have been abducted. After
1 am the married daughter of Buchu Abdulkadirova, Chadischat Vachaevna Satuev (Хадижат Вахаевна
Сатуева), born in 1964 was violently taken away from the house of her mother.

The "Kadyrovs" went over a fence, seized her, took her barefooted out on the street and drove her
away with cars of the brand "Zhigulis" of the 10-th model and "Niva". During the withdrawal they
demanded to tell them where her husband lives.

As it was found out later, the same night Usman Ramzanovich Satuev (Усман Рамзанович Сатуев), 47
years old, was taken from his apartment located in Grozny, district Staropromyslovsky, "Novaja".

Similarly his brother-in-law, Movladi (Мовлади), 35 years old, living in city of Grozny, district
Staropromyslovsky, "Avtotrect" has also been abducted.

It is necessary to note, that relatives of the people abducted officially did not address the
state bodies of the Chechen Republic. As of January 12th 2005 the location of the abducted persons
is officially not known. However, through some channels the relatives of the abducted know that
they are being kept in an illegal place of maintenance in the town of Tsentoroi in the district of
Gubermeskogo (с. Центорой (Хосе-Юрт) Гудермесского района). Specifically there it is where an
illegal prison is located in which "Kadyrovs" keep people illegally detained by them. The last
attempt of two women to meet with the mullah of the specified settlement (it is possibly Uncle
Ramzan Kadyrov) was not crowned with success. Armed security forces, having learned what kind of
question they want to address hunted them away.