Abduction Failed: Fifteen North Ossetia Law Enforcers Detained in Ingushetia


On March 29 2007 several police members from the Republic of North Ossetia kidnapped a few residents of Ingushetia. Around 5:20 p.m. three vehicles of Russian make, one of them a white Gazel van with tinted windows, attempted to go through a road patrol station located on the Ingush border near the Tsentr-Kamaz area of the city of Nazran. The road police stopped the vehicles to conduct a routine check-through. It transpired that the cars contained representatives of the Ossetian police from its organized crime prevention department. Inside the van, the road police found an Ingush person, who appeared to have been abducted by the Ossetian law enforcers. There is unsupported evidence that one of the other cars contained another abducted person. The road police requested that the Ossetian policemen explain on what grounds the Ingush residents had been detained.
Presently some family members of the kidnapped arrived at the site. The Ingush police were able to free the Ingush person in the white van, with the help of his relatives. The VAZ car that could have contained another kidnapped person took off toward North Ossetia. The Ossetian police members in the van and the third car were arrested by the road police. Additional Ingush police were called to the site; they took the arrested, fifteen of them as reported, to a police station.
This case, whereby Ingush residents are kidnapped by law enforcers from Ossetia, is far from being the only one registered. Usually most of the kidnapped eventually turn up in jail in Vladikavkaz. No one among the abducted, until discovered, has had the opportunity to contact their families or seek legal representation. Occasionally the actions of law enforcement agents resulted in tragic events, as in the case of the abduction of Khusen Mutaliyev of Malgobek on March 15 2007 ()