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HRC "Memorial"

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The Human Rights Center “Memorial” is a self-governed noncommercial civil organization, whose members are united by humanistic and moral principles and the aspiration to assist the defense of human rights and the formation of people’s civil dignity.

Foundation date: April 1st , 1993.

The Center was created and functions within the Historical-Enlightment, Human Rights and Humanitarian Society “Memorial”. It was founded and works in compliance with international law regulations, legislation of the Russian Federation and its own Charter.  

The Human Rights Center’s mission is to promote general respect and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms both in the Russian Federation and in other states.

The HRC “Memorial” sets the following aims and tasks: observing of human rights and fundamental freedoms execution; giving publicising and giving reliable information about considerable violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms; attracting the attention of public governmental and international institutions to these kind of violations; conducting and supporting of research aimed at the study of serious human rights violations; assisting with observance of humanitarian law and the peaceful resolution of conflicts under the conditions of military conflicts; assistance with the adoption by power holding structures of legal acts correspondent to international rules in the domain of human rights observance; theoretical and practical enlightenment of human rights and humanitarian law.

The Human Rights Center “Memorial” is governed by the Board elected by the Centre’s members. The Board elects its Chairman and appoints the Executive Director.

 The HRC “Memorial” has seven programs functioning within its frameworks:

•    “Hot spots”;
•    Network “Migration and Law”;
•    Monitoring of Human Rights Violations in Central Asia
•    False Accusations of Cases on Islamic Extremism in Russia
•    Assistance for Persons Prosecuted in Criminal Proceedings for Political Reasons and Protection of Civil Activists;
•    Human Rights Protection through International Mechanisms (European Court, UNO);
•    Harmonization of Inter-Ethnic Relations through the Creation of Small Business in the Prigorodny District of North Ossetia-Alania.

Human Rights Center works in 49 regions all over Russia, including Moscow, North Caucasus, St. Petersburg, the Far East. The employees visit Republics of Central Asia, where meet with local human rights activists, journalists and victims of human rights abuses.

General support is provided by

 Global Conflict Prevention Pool (British Embassy in Moscow)  Commission of European Communities

European Human Rights Advocacy Center   European Human Rights Advocacy Center

OSI Open Society Institute

  SIDA Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

 NED National Endowment for Democracy

  Deutsch Russischer Austrausch e.v. Deutsch Russischer Austrausch e.v.

  NHC The Norwegian Helsinki Committee

  NetherlandsRoyal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow

  Pax IKV Pax Christi


 MacArthur John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

   CRD Civil Rights Defenders

   ECRE European Council on Refugees and Exiles

  USAIDThe US Agency for International Development

Korea The Korean Embassy